CottGard® Cable Protector

The CottGard® U-shaped cable guard is a high strength, lightweight, maintenance free system specifically designed to prevent impact damage to cables installed on utility poles. Produced by Cott Manufacturing Company at its facilities in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh, the CottGard® shields:
  • Copper Telephone Cables
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Electric Power Cables
  • Coaxial T.V. Cables

Meets All GO95 Requirements
The CottGard® U-Shaped cable protector is the only known plastic guard which passes the destructive impact test, ultraviolet exposure resistance and electrical conductivity standard of California Public Utility Commission General Order 95, rules 84.6-E and 22.2-C.

Strong and Maintenance Free
CottGard® is molded from Makrolon polycarbonate, one of the strongest plastic available. This specially modified polycarbonate has eight times the impact resistance of aluminum and weighs 1/8 as much as steel and is used to make 5mph DOT Automotive Bumpers. Unlike metal guards, COTTGards will not corrode, shatter or peel. It never needs painting to preserve its factory appearance.

Easy Installation and Convenient Packaging
Each COTTGard® kit is individually packaged and is complete with separate mounting brackets. Made of steel reinforced nylon, the mounting brackets easily conform to the irregular surface of the utility pole but will not corrode or damage the cable guard or crack during installation.

Safe and Environmentally Stable
Non conductive plastic does not require grounding and drastically reduces shock hazard from induced current or short circuits. Maintains dimensional and electric stability from -60 degrees F. to +250 degrees F., and full impact strength at 20 degrees F.

Red, Orange, Green, Tan, Black and White are standard COTTGard® colors. Special colors are available on request. All colors are stabilized against ultraviolet attack and will not fade.

Available in 1", 2", 3" and 4" nominal size. Standard lengths are eight feet. Special lengths are available from 5 to 40 feet at no extra charge.