Model 555

The COTTMark® Model 555 is a surface mounted, high strength, high visibility right of way marker for all buried cables and pipelines. Mode from chemical and abrasion resistant thermoplastic alloy, COTTMark® 555 is designed for use in congested urban areas and can be easily installed on asphalt or concrete using standard epoxy or hot melt adhesives. COTTMark® 555 is manufactured in Cott's factories at Los Angeles and Pittsburgh. It is available from authorized Cott distributors everywhere.

The "555's" thermoplastic alloy is ultraviolet stable, resists motor vehicle chemicals and maintains 90% or it's impact strength at -40 degrees.

The standard "555" is available in any color with your custom message and logo molded directly into the plastic.

Optional HotSpots are designed for quick, easy, one step, one person installation on curbs and streets.